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Welcome to the Sustainment Management System's (SMS) - Learning Management System (LMS).  Here you will find training resources for the SMS and related processes.  The available self-paced courses, learning modules and demonstration videos on the LMS are for educational purposes, to familiarize users with the SMS and transfer the SMS technology to the SMS user community.  In addition, live sessions and virtual events such as the SMS - Virtual  Summit will be made available here.  Check back often for announcements of scheduled sessions or events.

Self-Registration on the LMS is currently restricted to specific email domains for the current SMS user community.  

Only those who have a registered login on the LMS and are enrolled in a course or event either by Self-Enrollment or have been Manually Enrolled by an instructor will have their progress tracked for the course or event by the system.

Some courses allow "Guest" access.  Users logged in as a "Guest" will not have their course progress or completion tracked by the LMS.